The 1+1=4 Project
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"Double Your Influence, Change the World"
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Founder:Antone Roundy
Date Founded:Oct 2, 2014
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10 Kind Words

     "we'll change the world 10 smiles at a time"


A kind word costs nothing, but can mean the world to someone in need, and in some cases, can have a lifelong impact. We can change the world by speaking a little more kindly.


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To Complete This Project:

  1. Say something kind to 10 people in one day. Be sure you get a positive response from each person you count.
  2. Refer 2 people to this project and support them in completing it.


  • If your workplace could use a relationship upgrade, along with recruiting coworkers to this 1+1=4 Project, have a "10 Kind Words Session" at the start of every meeting. Just set aside a few minutes for everyone to praise each others' accomplishments.
  • If your home could use a relationship upgrade, have a 10 Kind Words session at the start of every Sunday dinner (or whatever regular occasion works for you).

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