The 1+1=4 Project
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"Double Your Influence, Change the World"
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Back in February and March, I completed the Month of Photos project, posting all my pictures to Facebook. Today, I thought I'd share all the photos together in one post here. I've rearranged the order in a few places to keep the heights of the photos on each row more even. You can click on...
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The 1+1=4 Project's motto is "Double Your Influence, Change the World". What that means is that you find a worthwhile cause, complete a simple project that helps the cause, and then recruit 2 more people to the project. When the people you recruited recruit 2 people, your influence gets doubled.

Think that can't change the...
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The idea was born while I was brainstorming viral marketing ideas. It evolved into a plan to spread great ideas of all sorts. Yes, it took a while for me to write the code. But now it's finally ready to go.

What is the 1+1=4 Project? It's a vision. It's a philosophy. And now it's...
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Normally, I'd delete the "Hello world" placeholder post that automatically shows up in a new blog. But this time, I've got something to say to the world: I'm here to change you, and to help other people change you.

The world is full of people with ideas that could change the world, if only they...
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The 1+1=4 Project The 1+1=4 Project is dedicated to helping good ideas and deeds spread the most effective way possible — person to person. This website will serve as a hub for publicizing 1+1=4 projects (a.k.a. “one one four projects”), including yours. [Read More]