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The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship I have with the seller of any product or service that I write about on this website.

When I link to a product, I may use an affiliate link. If you click the link and buy something from the seller, I may be paid a commission for the sale. You will not have to pay more for the product to cover my commission (I do not use affiliate links to link to products who’s sellers raise prices to cover affiliate commissions.)

If I am ever paid to write about a product, or receive a free copy of a product I write about, I will mention that clearly and conspicuously within the blog post.

I (speaking for Gecko Tribe, LLC) may be the seller of some products written about or linked to from this site.

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The 1+1=4 Project The 1+1=4 Project is dedicated to helping good ideas and deeds spread the most effective way possible — person to person. This website will serve as a hub for publicizing 1+1=4 projects (a.k.a. “one one four projects”), including yours. [Read More]