The 1+1=4 Project
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"Double Your Influence, Change the World"
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The 1+1=4 Project is dedicated to helping good ideas and deeds spread the most effective way possible -- person to person. This website will serve as a hub for publicizing 1+1=4 projects (a.k.a. "one one four projects"), including yours.


Participation is easy -- each participant makes one simple commitment: once someone has guided you through a project, you will "pay it forward" by guiding 2 other people through the same project. You can always do more, but once you've fulfilled your commitment, you'll know you've done your part.


"How is the project's name pronounced?"

The project's official name is pronounced "the one plus one = four project". For convenience, and to match the website address, it may be shortened to "the one one four project".

Each digit in the name is a distinct number. So the name should not be pronounced "the one fourteen project" or "the hundred fourteen project".

"Can commercial projects be posted on this website?"

Yes. Good businesses provide value to society, and provide for their employees. We're happy to help promote such things.

Of course, we'll be more likely to highlight projects that we feel create the most value for participants. The higher the cost, the more the balance of value is shifted away from the participant and to the business.

"What kinds of Projects aren't allowed?"

Several types of Projects are prohibited on this site:

  • No Multi-Level Marketing: To avoid legal complications, we do not allow MLMs. If payment is required for a Project, it can only be made to one's own Leader and/or the Founder of the Project. None of the payment may go to or be passed on to your Leader's Leader or anyone else above them in the hierarchy.
  • No "adult" content
  • Nothing illegal
  • Nothing promoting hate or incivility
  • Nothing promoting our encouraging gambling or the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (legal or illegal)
  • We reserve the right to add more restrictions in the future.

"What is required to complete a Project?"

The requirements of each Project will be different. However, all Projects share two core requirements. Once you have completed all other requirements, you commit to:

  1. return to the site and record the fact that you've completed the Project. This is how your Leader gets credit for guiding you.
  2. recruit at least two Pledges for the Project, and provide any necessary support to help them complete it.

"What is a 'Founder'?"

A Founder is a person who posts a Project.

"What is a 'Leader'?"

A Leader is a person who has completed a Project and recruited at least two other people to it, both of whom have completed the Project. Some projects won't require a lot of active support from Leader -- others will require more.

"What is a 'Doer'?"

A Doer is someone who has completed a Project, but doesn't yet have two recruits under them who've completed the Project.

"What is a 'Pledge'?"

A Pledge is someone who is working on a project but has not yet completed it. A Leader may also refer to anyone who they guided in a project as their Pledge, even after they have completed the Project.

"What is a 'Pioneer'?"

A Pioneer is a person who takes on a Project but doesn't join under a Leader.