Back in February and March, I completed the Month of Photos project, posting all my pictures to Facebook. Today, I thought I'd share all the photos together in one post here. I've rearranged the order in a few places to keep the heights of the photos on each row more even. You can click on the photos to see a larger version of each.

It was a bit of a challenge some days to think of something to photograph -- admittedly, some were more "inspired" than others. I'd imagine it would be easier for someone who works outside of the home, since you see more variety on the average day. But it was loads of fun. And I still have people asking me occasionally to share some more photos.

Feb 19 Feb 21 Feb 24
Inside a Piano

Shadow of Blinds

Fence Rail
Feb 22 Feb 23 Mar 1
TV Pixels

Wainscoting Lines

Tree Bark
Feb 25 Feb 27 Feb 28
Classical Guitar

CD Reflection

Zoey Feeding a Chinese Lion
Feb 26 Mar 2 Mar 3
Xavier Playing the Saxophone

Ceiling Fan Through an Ice Cream Glass

Between the Library Shelves
Feb 20 Mar 6 Mar 16

Two Mirrors

Pin Face
Mar 4 Mar 7 Mar 8
Flourescent Lights

Living on an Asteroid

Tree Panoramic Shot
Mar 5
Mar 9 Mar 10 Mar 11
Roof Flashing

Tree Branches

Mar 12 Mar 14 Mar 17
Washing Machine

Motherboard Metropolis

Shrub Covered with Ice Cicles
Mar 13 Mar 15 Mar 18
Slinky on a Mirror

Laser Mouse Flower

Christmas Tree Lights

I'd love to see what someone else would come up with during a Month of Photos. If you join the project, let me know where to follow your shares!